Monday, 12 January 2015

Spring 2015

It's raining books this spring at Playwrights Canada Press! 

Here are just some of the upcoming books to whet your reading appetite: Daniel MacIvor's I, Animal, a collection of three riveting monologues; Hannah Moscovitch's Little One and Other Plays, three must-read one-act plays; Anita Majumdar's Fish Eyes, an illustrated collection of three coming-of-age plays; and Judith Thompson's The Thrill, a meditation on euthanasia. If non-fiction is more your thing, we have two exciting books coming out in the spring, including Yvette Nolan's Medicine Shows: Indigenous Performance Culture, an examination of how theatre has been used to reconnect individuals and communities; and Daniel MacIvor: New Essays on Canadian Theatre, Vol. 5the first collection of critical essays dedicated to contextualizing and analyzing the work of Daniel MacIvor, edited by Richie Wilcox.   

Click here for the full list of spring 2015 titles!