Thursday, 27 March 2014

World Theatre Day 2014

"Dinosaurs did not know the theatre. That is why they were destroyed from the surface of the Earth. Dinosaurs did not have the means to explain or understand the changes of the planet. They did not invent games and could not laugh. Moreover, they did not recognize the differences between them and generally refused to cooperate with others. Perhaps they dreamed? But they did not have the means to share their dreams. They lived alone and sad, and that is why they could not survive as a species. It was the Jurassic period...before the theatre." -Mélanie Léger, translated by Chantal Bilodeau

It's World Theatre Day! Let's celebrate the imagination that comes alive on the stage and on the page.
Check out Canada's full message from Mélanie Léger.

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Happy World Theatre Day!